Cannabis Brand Typography Design

Your brand needs to stand out and be a unique experience with each user of your brand.

Custom Typography is your brand's way of being able to stand out through text. Whether for your cannabis packaging, website or brochures typography matters. Let us help you get your brand to the next level.

Key Components of our Typograhy Design

Colour Contrast

The right colour contrast helps your brand typography become noticeable.

Font Size

We will ensure the font size is appropriate for either web or print formats while keeping the target audience in mind.


The height of the lines between your text can make a difference in the feel for your audience. We are experts at this.


Our team of designers will space your text in a way that helps you stand out as unique.

Using Webfonts

We will only pick common fonts widely available for any web-based purposes to ensure a larger number of people can see your font.


Also known as negative space, our cannabis brand designers are skilled at using this technique to create unique styles.

How our Typography Design Works

Your brand is unique, let our team of designers help you express this through design.


Get you input!

We take the time to understand your brand's uniqueness and target audience. We will let at any suggestions of influences.


Give multiple options

To help narrow down your final design, we will give you multiple options to choose from, this ensures you get exactly what you are looking for.


Review revisions & finalize

Once you are happy with the final designs, we will take the time to finalize and share your designs with you electronically.

Our clients

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