About us

We are cannabis connoisseurs first! Our business is to help you succeed with your business. We strive to help you with your first ideas and get them into production so you can focus on getting your amazing products in storefronts. We work with manufacturers across the country from Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal, New Brunswick, and more.

We only source top quality materials that comply with all Health Canada regulations. We can help you like we’ve helped so many others. Focus on your company while we help you dial in on your brand and packaging. Here are some facts about us!






Brands Designed


Industry Experiance


What We Do?

What don’t we do... is the better question. It's our goal to help other cannabis companies find their place in this new emerging market. With over 20 years in cannabis, you can be confident that you’re in the right hands.

Why We’re Differant

We’re not your regular big corporate cannabis packaging company. We believe in the small family business dreams. Let us help you grow your business and stay relevant while navigating the deep waters of corporate cannabis.

Our Process

We help cannabis companies create their brand, design products, and get them into beautiful packaging.

Brand Design

We help bring your cannabis brand ideas to life. We’ll help with your typography, logo, colors, and website.

Packaging Design

Your cannabis packaging designs are what gets customer's attention. Let’s make it perfect before it gets printed.


Product Packaging

We stock blank pre-designed packing for companies getting off the ground. We can also print packaging with your brand's artwork.


Whether we make a cannabis design or help with packaging, you can always trust we will ship your products fast!

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