Is it legal to resell your products in my local area?

Typically Yes, we only sell empty packaging supplies. Our company does not offer or have access to any cannabis – marijuana products. Please check with your local laws & regulations to ensure compliance.

what is kush

Kush is a very popular Indica dominant cannabis – marijuana strain. Kush is originally from the mountains of Afghanistan & Northern Pakistan. This strain is well known for its intense effects and often associated with premium cannabis.

how many grams in a qp (quarter pound) of weed

112 grams is the generally accepted amount measurement for a QP  of weed.  however, the actual measurement is 113.2g. Qp stands for a quarter pound. There are four ounces of cannabis – marijuana in a QP. (28.3g x 4 = 113.2g) rounded to 112g

how much is an ounce of weed in grams

28 grams is the typically accepted amount. The real measurement is 28.3 grams, however, the industry standard is to round down to even 28 grams to represent an ounce.